The institution has set up a spiritual based educational and training centre for people of Ambala named “Shanti Dham”. It was inaugurated by Dadi Prakash Mani, in 1984. Ideally located at 36/37, Dayal Bagh on Babyal Road, it is a 7200 sq ft two storied complex built in residential area.

The centre aims at developing a holistic personality of individuals by empowering them to inculcate higher order values of life and providing the training in Rajyoga Meditation. This naturally improves the functioning of institutions in which they work. “Shanti Dham” is a recognized Study Centre of Annamalai University for Distance Education in Value Education programmes.


The “Shanti Dham” has hi-tech infrastructure to support its mission. Two main halls-cum-classromms, one meditation room, two visiting rooms and suitable and sufficient accommodation for Brahmakumar Brothers and sisters are in place for its smooth functioning.

Point of attraction

20 feet tall “SHIVLING” with a fountain mounted on it, is a unique feature of “Shanti Dham”.  The round room underneath the “SHIVLING” is being used as reception.